Cascade Jet Fountain

Cascade jet nozzles produces graceful conical shaped display. Water level dependent aerated display is suitable for light wind conditions and exhibits excellent light reflecting properties.

Clear Stream Jet Nozzles

Small tapered adjustable clear stream nozzles produce display with minimum distortion. Smaller orifice water patterns are wind sensitive and most of the time these nozzles are used indoors. Larger orifice water patterns are stable against wind and develop higher sound and can be installed for outdoor fountains.

High Jet Nozzles

To achieve Clear water streams with greater height. Mostly preferred in floating fountains. Independent of water level. Wind stable and full stream jet, moderate noise and high visibility.

Adjustable Fountain Heads

Spray diameter and height adjustable. All nozzles are directional adjustable. Inner ring jets and outer ring jets are individually adjustable with flow controls. Moderate noise and excellent visibility.

Finger Jet Nozzles

Produces arching spray pattern using clear stream jets. Combined with main swivel connection permits a wide range of patterns and angles. With low noise and reduced splash, finger jets are used in courtyard or entrance water body for close range viewing display in commercial buildings and landscape projects.

Mushroom Nozzles

Clear film of water in the shape of a bell or mushroom with minimum sound and splash. No constant water level required. Ideal for silent and wind free locations. Can be installed in grouping of various heights.

Fan Jet Nozzles

To create Fan shaped water stream with a thickness of 6 to 8 mm. Most effective when placed around a center nozzle.

Foam Effect Nozzles

Column of Frothy, aerated water. Recommended for small and medium displays in shallow water body. Jet has low profile and neat appearance. Independent of water level, can be installed in groups.

Landscape Fountains

Foam Geyser Jets

Foam Geyser Nozzles are designed to provide in their lowest sprat height with mounds of water. At higher spray heights it provides greater visible fluffy spray effects. It has good noise, excellent visibility and stability in any wind conditions.

We manufacture and design all types of static fountains with theme and water formations.

We supply fountain nozzles for indoor and outdoor fountains with all accessories and fountain lights using latest RGB mixing technology.

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