GMX Water Conditioner

GMX Water Conditioner

Product Details:
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Installation Service: Yes
  • Power source: Electric
  • Type: Conditioner

Used for treating hard water. These condition hard water into soft water instantly without the use of chemicals by removing existing scale and prevent fresh scale formation as well as algae formation. These systems use state of the art ferro - ceramic magnets to condition the minerals in the water by changing their physical structure, thereby 'deactivating' the hardness. Even though the calcium is not removed from the water, it is harmless due to its altered physical state.

The salient features are as follows:

The existing scale becomes loose and follows the conditioned minerals and is flushed out. Algae feed on minerals in the water. When GMX changes the physical structure of the minerals the algae are not able to recognize the minerals, hence they cannot feed and they die.


The advantages are as follows:

  • · Conditions hard water into soft water instantly
  • · Removes existing scale formation & corrosion
  • · No softeners necessary.
  • · No descaling chemicals necessary
  • · No heat loss due to scaling
  • · Drastically reduces maintenance & replacement costs.
  • · Is totally environment-friendly as there are no chemicals or toxins to dispose
  • · Requires no power.
  • · Requires no maintenance.
  • · Water is conditioned into 'soft' water without chemicals.
  • · Prevents formation of scales and removes existing scale Formation.
  • · Kills algae.
  • · No alteration to your existing pipeline
  • · Does not affect the flow rate.
  • · Small enough to fit in your pocket so it can be shifted.
  • · Requires no tools or assembly.
  • · No plumber required.
  • · Lasts for more than 100 years
  • · Comes with a 90-day money back, risk-free guarantee.
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